We know that dealing with spam can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. While cPanel's built-in spam filtering (SpamAssassin) can provide some relief, it falls short in many areas. For those wanting true business class spam filtering, SpamExperts is available. SpamExperts offers a number of benefits over the basic cPanel SpamAssassin mail filtering:

Below you can see a sample quarantine report. By default these reports are sent to each email user every day.
We offer a free 30 day trial of SpamExperts. This gives you a full month to run it through its paces and see how you like it. This service is enabled per domain so it will automatically filter every email address that you have setup on the domain. Existing clients can submit a ticket via our portal to get SpamExperts service activated. After the free trial, pricing is a very simple and affordable $2.50 per domain per month, which includes up to 1,000 filtered email addresses.

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